For electronic delivery, all you have to do is send me an email to and I will file attach the files to you. It comes to about 5 megabytes. Please advise if you are behind a firewall and need it send in smaller chunks. Or just as easy, you can download what you need on the main page!

I can e-mail you all the files and you can burn your own CD, if you have one available.

If you would like to get the program on CD please send to my U.S. postal address your request for a CD. There will be no cost to you due to corporate support. For a list of the fine companies supporting this program, look to the bottom of this page. If you want to distribute my files, please do so with the only condition that all the files be left intact, including all copyright notices and readme.txt and license.txt are included. Don't remove any other files either, or the program won't work. ;^) 

If you wish to add this program to a CD ROM as a free title, you must obtain written permission from the author, myself, at  If I find my program on anyone's CD without permission legal action will be taken. If anyone charges a penny for this program, I want to know about it, because again, legal action will be taken. THIS PROGRAM IS FREE AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

If this all seems a bit much, go to the main page to download the four files with this link.

So far the only company supporting this program is Mood's Computer Utilities, a no-income, no-profit company. I take in no money for myself. Anyone who would like to join the list of companies can contact me at . Anyone who would like to support the effort at combating A.L.S. can send me a check made out to: The University of Miami A.L.S. Research Clinic or U. of M. A.L.S. Research Clinic and your check will be forwarded to them. The clinic will acknowledge the donation and send any applicable tax notices for your tax return. Please note that the program is free and any donation to the clinic is absolutely voluntary. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE ANYTHING TO GET THE PROGRAM!